Sunday, January 9, 2011

Your Wonderland Is with Alice As a Grownup!

It's likely that one time in your life you may have wondered how Alice (in Wonderland) would have looked like as an adult. Well wonder no more, because here is a sculpture by Sam Greenwell. It's his interpretation of what Alice would look like after ten years from the time she fell down the rabbit hole. Well, it seems Greenwell has his ideas about Alice getting influenced by the rabbit, since Alice pretty much looks a like a "bunny" girl in his statue, if you know what I mean.

The Cheshire cat at her feet seems to approve of her a lot. I guess that means the cat is 100% male. If you wish to get yourself a Greenwell-sculpted statue of "Alice in Wonderland" as she would look if she got stuck in the rabbit hole for ten years, then click here or on the "grownup Alice" image to place your order.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dancing Girl of the Nile Anime Style

There is a sensual fascination about Egypt and the desert that surrounds it. The land is such an ancient, mysterious, and historical place that you cannot help but be compelled by anything associated with the country and it's past. Take for instance this Nile Dancing Girl Statue from the Beat Amaha Collection. It's anime in style, which is unmistakeably Japanese-inspired, yet it's costume and decidedly henna tattoo is definitely Middle-Eastern in concept. The combination is a sensual fusion that's appealing to the eyes and the imagination!

This Nile Dancing Girl Statue will definitely dance in your head for a long time after you've turned your sights somewhere else. This is sculpted by Amaha Minatogawa (Kip), and is based on how he imagines a world that's inhabited by beautiful and sensual women. This figure is six and a half inches tall and is made of durable PVC. You won't get tired of this statue because it's clothing and arms are removable for your posing and other needs! You can get yours as a brunette in black or as a redhead in white.

Click here or on the images to order the Amaha Nile Dancing Girl